THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH is back and looking better than ever!


In 1988 when John Sayles and I visited friends with kids, every tv was playing a VHS of LAND BEFORE TIME on a loop. Every single house with kids. I said to John, “We have to make a kids movie, just to help out.” I had pestered him for years about making a movie from SECRET OF THE RON MOR SKERRY by Rosalie K. Fry. It was my favorite book when I was 10 – and I suppose it is still my favorite book for kids. Fiona is so brave and persistent.  I’m happy to say the book is again in print, recently republished by New York Review Books in a pretty edition, with the original illustrations which we feature in the end credits of the movie. You can order it from your favorite independent bookstore, and when the libraries re-open, many libraries have it too.

More than 30 years later, SECRET OF ROAN INISH is streaming to households that need movies for kids even more than ever. I always loved hearing over the years that families got together to watch the movie again with each other – grandparents, parents, big kids, little kids – for St. Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas. This new streaming version has been beautifully restored to be viewed at home on our tv’s and computers. It’s going to be even more beautiful when we can watch it together in our favorite movie theaters.

Until then, find it on Amazon Prime, YouTube, or Google, and make your way back to Donegal. -Maggie


3 Responses to “THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH is back and looking better than ever!”

  1. Elizabeth Meyer says:

    Hello – I just wanted to say thank you for making this film! I watched it last night for the first time with my 11 year old son and we both enjoyed it. The way the story unfolds is really delightful and, while I have never been to Ireland, I felt like it offered an authentic portrayal of the people, way of life, and landscape. I really felt transported. And we can never have enough movies with strong girl protagonists! Thank you again!

  2. Sara Murphy says:

    I cannot say thank you enough for remastering this movie. It was a favorite in my childhood, gifted to me by my grandmother and I have spent years hunting for it. I cannot express the joy I felt when I found it on Amazon and am currently watching it for a 4th time. Thank you.

  3. I introduced my SO to this film this evening. He is of Irish descent and the story touched him deeply in ways he could not explain.
    The weaving of the old tales into the 20th C tale of the family as well as the “quest” of Fiona to find Jamie, find her home, always makes me cry a bit.
    Thank you for the magic of this film.

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