Revisiting “Los Gusanos” – Signed copies for sale

Leo Nufeld of the Miami New Times has written a great reflection on John’s critically-acclaimed 1991 novel Los Gusanos! Describing a chance encounter at a Buena Vista garage sale, Nufeld praises Gusanos, which he describes as dark, gritty, and “very Cuban”. You can check out his article here.

While Nufeld suggests searching for the book at your local garage sale, Los Gusanos is now available for purchase directly from the John Sayles Blog.

John’s 1991 novel explores Cuban-American relations in early 1980s Miami, revolving around Marta de la Pena, a beautiful young woman seeking vengeance for the death of her brother.

The book is available in both hardcover and softcover for $10 plus shipping (sales tax for CT, NY and NJ residents) via PayPal. Limited supply of Spanish-language editions available. Each copy signed by John Sayles. To order a copy, please email us at: office [at] anarchistsconvention [dot] com.

Los Gusanos is also available via Kindle on Amazon.


One Response to “Revisiting “Los Gusanos” – Signed copies for sale”

  1. Stephen Carlin says:

    Can you ship outside of the US ie Britain? If yes, total cost (in USD)?

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