MATEWAN Re-release!


It’s official! MATEWAN is back and digitally remastered! The updated release contains special features with new interviews from the cast and crew as well as a documentary on the making of the film. Available October 29th! Pre-order now at the Criterion Collection


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  1. Zuri Russell says:

    I’ve waited so long for this! Matewan is one of those few films I’d call not just well made, but important. I’ll be ordering ASAP. Few films deserve the Criterion treatment more. This is great news. I am always anticipating the next great John Sayles book or movie. Maybe this re-release will inspire him to return to filmmaking.

    • John Sayles Blog says:

      Don’t fret, John hasn’t abandoned filmmaking! He’s been hard at work focusing on other writing, and his new novel “Yellow Earth” hits shelves in early January 2020. Check it out! And thank you for being a loyal MATEWAN fan.

      Anarchists’ Convention

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