Go For Sisters Shooting Update 2

It’s now Day 14 of shooting Go For Sisters, which means it’s the final day of shooting in California before production moves to Calexico, Mexicali, and then Mexico.

The final few scenes of the movie will be shot south of the border.

For some insight into what it’s like to work with John as an actor on-set, I’ll share with you this story from Hilary Barraford, who appears in the opening scene of Go For Sisters, and also did the background casting for the film (as well as taking the pictures that you’ll find below).

Hilary, our intrepid correspondent

John Sayles doesn’t have a director’s chair on set. Even more surprising, it took me almost two full weeks to realize that. He mostly stands, hands in pockets, or improvises a perch. Often, he’s right in the room with the actors observing their performance, bypassing a monitor altogether.

My scene, which opens the film GOFOR SISTERS, was shot in a tiny office. Between camera, sound, a trio of talent and John, we were nearly on top of each other. There was no room to move, but all the room John needed to get the performances he wanted. He’s been dubbed “The Original Independent,” and I’m learning firsthand why that’s so incredibly apt.

John has his own way of doing things: he stewards the story instead of ego. And doesn’t need a chair to do it.

I’m sure that if you polled the actors who’ve worked with John on his 17 other films, you’d find them in overwhelming agreement with Hilary’s assessment. And this blonde LA sleuth also dug up a little fact about John that I wasn’t even aware of.

Did you know that John Sayles is on the Advisory Board for Merriam-Webster? He helps them decide which words make it into the dictionary (lately, lots of nouns-turned-verbs). The word verb itself was verbed in the 1930s. I want this job!

You might wonder where he finds the time.

To the on-set photos! You can almost feel that desert heat.

3 Responses to “Go For Sisters Shooting Update 2”

  1. mara spear says:

    Just a note about directors chairs,,, they are highly overrated and John himself put it best when he said this is definantly a fold your own chair production. He is by far the most stand up guy I’ve ever met, literally .

  2. Lorena Minor says:

    Calexico is a small town, today my friend and co-worker Ana and I went to a local hole in the wall restraunt “D’poli’s” and they said the place was reserved, later I saw the film crew. I’m glad you all choose this place. It’s one of the best Mexcian food places in the area. Also I would love to meet Mr.Olmos, I work at City Hall, what do you all thinhk?

  3. Fred Garber says:

    Some food recommendations:

    The platillo of liver and onions at Hotel del Norte. 55 pesos. comes with rice beans and fresh tortillas. the beakfast is good there too.

    La Poblanita which is behind the Smart and Final store. Great sheep tacos in blue corn tortilla and agua de chia.

    The Victoria in the Chinesca…it is across the street from the Methodist church…do not ask them about the tunnels …order the Vaquita con Camerones…120 pesos…feeds 3.

    Around the corner is the Hang Seng…it is across the street from the Hotel September 16th….lots of working girls out front…order the tofu and duck…

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