Ethel Rosenberg pardon

In preparing a movie script I have done an enormous amount of research on the Rosenberg ‘spy case’ and have continued to follow developments as new information about the trial is made available to the public.  It is very clear that the conviction and execution of Ethel Rosenberg was not based on evidence but on false witness, and that the government prosecution team was not only aware of that fact, but instrumental in eliciting the perjury in order to ‘break’ her husband’s non-compliance with the spy-ring investigation.  David Greenglass was pressured to implicate his sister in activities she had no part in to save himself and his wife from incarceration and possibly execution.  A pardon of Mrs. Rosenberg would not only recognize a personal injustice, but stand as a message that this sort of hostage-taking and lethal extortion has no place in the American judicial system.

For more information, compiled by Ethel’s sons, Michael and Robert Meerepol, and the chance to sign a petition to President Obama asking for a pardon, go to

John Sayles

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3 Responses to “Ethel Rosenberg pardon”

  1. Scott Matz says:

    So thrilled that you are going through with this project. If there is any way I can help with funding (I’m a school teacher) and would gladly contribute $1000.00 for funding. It would be an honor to be a part of the production in any way.
    Much peace.

  2. Thank you for the link to the petition. It’s a sad injustice, and never too late for our leaders to admit the wrong.

    Since there have already been several film/TV adaptations and documentaries about this story, none very successful, it probably impacts viability in a marketing sense. Perhaps you could improve on adapting Doctorow’s “Book of Daniel”. The novel / fictionalization’s better regarded than Sidney Lumet’s 1983 film.

  3. Stewart Robinson says:

    I look forward to your film and am sure it will help open the eyes of Americans to the recurrent epidemics of police state tactics used by our rulers. By the way, I hope you do a film about the GE strike in Schenectady in the 40′s. The strike was led by the United Electrical Workers and was the first strike that dealt with equal pay for equal work, since women and Blacks were paid less thasn white men for doing the same job. During the strike there was a march and Rockwell Kent, Burt Lahr and Paul Robeson were there marching. Another thought is the 1906 IWW sit down at the GE pland=t, which was the first sit down in US labor history. Our hometown has a glorious history thatg ust be celebrated

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