Thinking in Pictures

Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie Matewan (1987, 2003)

From Library Journal:
Thanks to Sayles’s honesty this is a rare gem of a book that actually delivers insight after insight about the process that transforms a script about the unionization of miners in the 1920s into a film. Sayles carefully leads the reader through the writing, shooting, and editing of his new independent film based upon the historical Matewan Massacre, explaining the coherent design philosophy that welds set design, lighting, and music to the film’s key themes. Moreover, Sayles explains how the film’s editing inventively aims to stretch viewers beyond genre expectations. As a result, reading the film’s screenplay, which forms the second half of the book, is unusually rewarding. An exceptional book. Marshall Deutelbaum, English Dept., Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, Ind.
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