A Message From John on Criterion Channel’s ‘Voices of Protest’

A heads up to any of you who have access to the Criterion Channel-  they’ve just curated a section called ‘Voices of Protest’ and there are some terrific features there, as well as documentaries covering vital American history.  Thinking about our present situation, I highly recommend-  The Children Were Watching, made for a TV network by Richard Leacock, set during the first week of... read more

THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH is back and looking better than ever!

In 1988 when John Sayles and I visited friends with kids, every tv was playing a VHS of LAND BEFORE TIME on a loop. Every single house with kids. I said to John, “We have to make a kids movie, just to help out.” I had pestered him for years about making a movie from SECRET OF THE RON MOR SKERRY by Rosalie K. Fry. It was my favorite book when I was 10 – and I suppose it is still my favorite... read more

A message from John & Maggie

What a great time we had on the YELLOW EARTH book tour. We loved seeing all of our old friends. Lots of hugging and kissing and shaking of hands. That was then! We were very lucky to return home – last stop Seattle – and to be symptom free. We are self isolating these days, with plenty to entertain us. Take care of yourself and look around to see who might need some help.Now go wash your hands... read more

We met so many MATEWAN fans during the Yellow Earth book tour. Remember that when we made the movie, no one wanted to talk about the Matewan Massacre…

Now you can visit the beautiful West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in Matewan itself. The Museum is re-opening in a union-owned building in Matewan, WV on May 16, 2020 – the town’s official date of observance of the shoot-out that occurred there 100 years ago. It’s a small but mighty museum in Matewan that tells the story of coal miners and their struggle for unionization and... read more

West Coast, that’s a wrap!

What a whirlwind of a great time we had on both legs of our YELLOW EARTH book tour, and at the American Cinematheque Sayles film series in L.A. Thank you to all who came out to partake in the readings and discussions of YELLOW EARTH. 17 cities of engaged citizens and great conversations! Film fans – we hope you enjoyed the retrospective and got to see a few features. We had a very ambitious schedule... read more

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