AMIGO screening in Erbil, Kurdistan



On October 20, 2017, the Embassy of the Philippines in Baghdad hosted a screening of AMIGO in Erbil, Kurdistan. Over 150 Filipinos attended the event.

Erbil, Kurdistan is home to the majority of the 4,000 Filipinos living in Iraq. The screening was a part of the concerted efforts of Embassy of the Philippines to screen Filipino films and other films related to the Philippines.

If you or any of your paysans were at this screening, please send photos to


DVD copies of AMIGO are still available for purchase. To purchase a copy of this film, please send an email to

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  1. I love this film and am pleased to see its wide distribution. I didn’t know there was a Filipino population in Erbil, Kurdistan. That is another fascinating piece of information. Kudos for finding another appreciative audience and offering a screening.

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