“Amigo” Educational Edition DVD now available!

“Amigo” Scholastic Edition DVD — Now for sale!

We are so excited to announce the release of the Educational Edition of Amigo on DVD!

The Educational Edition of John Sayles’s 17th feature film AMIGO — which explores the little-discussed Philippine-American War and its effects on people on both sides of the conflict — was officially launched at the American Studies Association’s Annual Meeting in San Juan in November.  John and Maggie were both in attendance at the ASA meeting, and are excited to be bringing Amigo to the upcoming 127th Annual Meeting of the American History Association the first week of January 2013.

This scholastic DVD is perfect for universities, education professionals, and libraries.  In addition to having a copy of the movie before the general public, the price of this edition includes the right to screen the movie unlimited times in classroom and lecture environments (screening a “retail consumer DVD” in a classroom is a violation of copyright law).  The scholastic edition is loaded with features and extras geared toward students and educators, and will be a real asset to any classroom, especially those focusing on American Studies, Asian Studies, Film Studies, or World History.

The Amigo scholastic edition is packed with features and exclusives, including:

  • A Discussion Guide by Theo Gonzalves (Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  • Discussions of the Philippine/American War and Amigo’s place in film history, by director/screenwriter John Sayles
  • Access to the FULL screenplay in both Tagalog and English
  • Director and Cast interviews
  • Featurettes on writing, directing, research, and shooting by director/screenwriter John Sayles
  • Access to exclusive online content
  • And much more

The cost of the scholastic DVD is $299.99.

To order your copy, please contact Andrew [at] AnarchistsConvention [dot] com.

Stay tuned right here to the blog for updates on what’s happening with both the scholastic and the retail DVD releases, and join the conversation by following the John Sayles channels on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


15 Responses to ““Amigo” Educational Edition DVD now available!”

  1. victor says:

    good morning,

    i’d like to ask if there is any chance to watch the two last films in Europe? or is it posible to buy “Amigo” in the other part of the ocean?



    • Victor,

      As of now, the only available edition of the Amigo DVD is the Educational Edition, described above. There is no retail edition of the DVD on the market yet, in Europe or anywhere else. We will tell the world here first when one becomes available.

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Matt Riley says:

    Mr. Sayles: I am beginning a second career as a history professor and will be teaching a class in Cultural History at the University of the Philippines-Visayas campus in Miagao, Iloilo. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer on the island many years ago and my wife and I will be spending part of each of our twilight years on Panay. I have seen “Amigo” via Amazon streaming video but would like to get a copy so I can use it as an educational tool. Since I am making a minimal salary as a visting lecturer, $300 is a bit steep but I am wondering if it is possible to get a DVD copy. I have not been able to find a copy anywhere online. If I was teaching at an American university I would use department monies but the University of the Philippines is lacking in discretionary resources for its professors. “Amigo” however, is perfect for the class I will be teaching.
    The movie portrays in a pretty accurate way the events in the Philippines at the turn of the last century. In the final analysis, it is a story of civilians caught between two warring armies with severe consequences from each if they are caught cooperating with the “enemy”. I recently submitted a paper to the Center for West Visayan Studies about World War II on the island and can report that the civiian experience just 40 years later was eerily similar.

    I hope you can help me on this matter and thanks…

    Matt Riley

  3. Juan says:

    Like Víctor, I cannot find the Amigo DVD in Spain. Can you help?


    • Juan,

      As of now, the only available edition of the Amigo DVD is the Educational Edition, described above. There is no retail edition of the DVD on the market yet, in Spain or anywhere else. We will tell the world here first when one becomes available.

      Thanks for your interest!

  4. Jane Fisher says:

    I am trying to purchase an educational copy of Amigo. The e-mail/website is not working. How can I get in touch?
    Jane Fisher
    The Evergreen State College Library, Olympia, WA 98505

  5. Jeanine says:

    I too have been waiting for a DVD of Amigo. As the genealogist of my family the roots of our ancestory are round this time. Hopefully a retail edition will come soon. Jeanine

  6. Carlos Luna says:

    Hello Mr. Sayles.
    I am wondering why there is such a delay in the release of this film, both on DVD as well as in the theatres. I live in Ireland and only heard of this film through the grapevine. I heard of no release date in this part of the world, though I may have missed it through chance. Can you perhaps elaborate as to why there is such difficulty in viewing and/or procuring this film? As I am Filipino-American, this subject has a personal significance to me.
    Thanks for your time.
    Carlos Luna

  7. Hi, it’s been nearly two years since “Amigos” was available only via Amazon Instant video and the premium priced educational DVD. When will be available on home video e.g. dvd, blu-ray, digital download? It’s long overdue. Thanks, Alfredo Garcia, New York City

  8. Frank Klubertz says:

    Hi Mr. Sayles and co-workes, a friendly hello from Germany where more folks – both professional and private – than you might be aware of love your work, especially as a film-maker.

    Is there any news regarding a theatrical or DVD retail release of AMIGO. Please keep us updated! Thank you.

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