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Greetings, everyone!

We have been getting a LOT of correspondence from interested folks who wonder when they will be able to get a copy of Amigo on DVD.  I’m here to answer that question!

Chris Cooper and John on the set of "Amigo"

While a retail edition of the DVD won’t be available for a while, in the fall of 2012 we will be releasing an educational version, primarily for universities and education professionals.  This scholastic edition will be loaded with features and extras, including:

  • A Discussion Guide by Theo Gonzalves (Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  • Discussions of the Philippine/American War and Amigo’s place in film history, by director/screenwriter John Sayles
  • Access to the FULL screenplay in both Tagalog and English
  • Director and Cast interviews
  • Featurettes on writing, directing, research, and shooting by director/screenwriter John Sayles
  • Access to exclusive online content
  • And much more

The cost of the scholastic DVD will be $299.99, and we would be happy to keep in touch with you about how to purchase it in the fall.  If you’d like to be kept up to date about the scholastic DVD release, just subscribe to our Mailing List by clicking here.

If you would prefer to wait for the commercial edition and buy the DVD at the standard consumer price, we expect that release in 2013.  Of course there will be special features on the consumer edition as well, but we aren’t ready to reveal what those are juuuuust yet.

Stay tuned right here to the blog for updates on what’s happening with both DVD releases, and join the conversation by following the John Sayles channels on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Don’t want to wait another second to learn more about Amigo?  Check out this great video of John discussing the film with Susanna Styron at the Rivertown Film Society (click here).

There are also fantastic videos of John talking about the film in Spanish at Carnaval Internacional de las Artes!!  Here is the first of the series, and the following six can be found by clicking here (

30 Responses to “Amigo DVD Release News”

  1. klong says:

    299.00? is that a typo?


    • The price of the scholastic edition is not a typo. This is a standard rate for the archival-quality advanced editions typically purchased by universities and film centers. In addition to having the movie before the general public, the cost includes the right to screen the movie multiple times in classroom and lecture settings for many years (as well as academic “extras” included in the special features). Screening a regular consumer DVD in a classroom is a violation of copyright law, as stated by the Warning Screen that appears before the movie.

      • james says:

        I’m organizing a screening of Amigo for a grassroots campaign to raise awareness among filipino american youth in los angeles. It is my own initiative without any funding. I am a big fan of John Sayles but I don’t have to cash for the academic dvd right now because I’m just starting out. I’m hoping to get this going as part of next month’s celebration of filipino american month in the city of los angeles where they will have an exhibit of artwork at LA city hall. I hope John Sayles will help me in this attempt at connecting a whole generation of youth to their history. Please let me know how I can go about doing this. Thanks! I appreciate the efforts of John Sayles in promoting independent cinema. I hope to work with John Sayles as a filmmaker in the future.

  2. mcfin din says:

    Hello there. Although I am happily contemplating the arrival of “Amigo” on dvd, I am equally hopeful that Mr. Sayles will take some time to read “When the Eagle Flies with the Condor,” a story of the indigenous Bolivian people, their history, their economic repression, their struggle for autonomy. AND – their ancient sites such as Tiwanaku and Titicaca, which are beginning to reveal evidence of civilizations far older than the Incan. We enjoy your blog. Keep it coming!

  3. A_Schechter says:

    I’m very glad to hear the news about the upcoming consumer dvd release of Amigo! Will there be a Blu-ray edition available as well?

  4. Natalia Leon says:

    Hey John! I’m glad you liked the videos shot in Barranquilla. I have no problem with sharing them as long as my website gets the referral. It was a pleasure to host you in Barranquilla. Hope you visit them again soon.

    Wishing you the best from Mexico City,

  5. Sean Jordan says:

    I really enjoyed watching Amigo and I also got a chance to meet Joel Torres with my daughter and wife when they were showing it here in Seattle I can not wait till it comes out on DVD and hopefully on blu-ray

  6. Datu Puki says:

    Far to expensive for my class here in Cebu, Philippines. Hopefully someone American can donate me a copy.

  7. lindsayw739 says:

    For those of you who saw the film in the theatres and are waiting for the DVD, you can watch it on Amazon (for a fee) until the DVD is released. That’s what I’m doing. (And – no – I don’t work for Amazon – am just a fan of the film).

  8. eleanor says:

    I cant find this film anywhere just trailers, Ive tried amazon and it doesnt come up with anything, Im in the UK, how do I watch this film????

  9. John says:

    like a lot of people I am “not so” patiently waiting for the retail DVD release. Hope the predicted 2013 release comes to pass. And also that there is a release in the Philippines

  10. Limbo says:

    Been a big John Sayles fan for years, and still haven’t seen Amigo yet. I’m disappointed that the film is still not on DVD/Blu-ray, even though it came out theatrically in 2011; maybe it’s too obscure for a home video release?! The trailer & subject matter look interesting, so hopefully this will be released soon.

    Also would really like to see Sayles’ “City of Hope” (1991) released to DVD/Blu-ray at some point. COH & Amigo are the only two J. Sayles films I haven’t seen.

  11. I’ve seen the film through Amazon, but it’d be nice to own a DVD and/or Blu-Ray for collection. I hope we’ll see a release soon, along with maybe a documentary and/or historical background that is the basis for the film?

  12. Mmiddle says:

    2013 is going fast – any update on a release date for Amigo?

    • Both Variance Films and the Anarchists Convention teams are deep into “GO FOR SISTERS” right now, but we haven’t forgotten about the “AMIGO” DVD! We’ll keep you updated right here and on social media as new information develops.

  13. I’m waiting for an Amigo DVD too! Thought I’d leave a comment here so that I would get the notification when it’s available.

  14. April 2014 any News on Amigo DVD or Bluray Release date in the USA. Thanks hopefully soon:)

  15. Cleta says:

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  16. Simone Zelitch says:

    Just saw and enjoyed “Go For Sisters” but what’s up with “Amigo” which was released close to two years earlier? Any information?

  17. Damian says:

    I’m also waiting eagerly for the DVD release date.

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