A message from John & Maggie


What a great time we had on the YELLOW EARTH book tour. We loved seeing all of our old friends. Lots of hugging and kissing and shaking of hands. That was then!

We were very lucky to return home – last stop Seattle – and to be symptom free. We are self isolating these days, with plenty to entertain us. Take care of yourself and look around to see who might need some help.
Now go wash your hands

-Maggie and Joh


2 Responses to “A message from John & Maggie”

  1. Omar Pineda says:

    Good to hear you guys are doing well. Keep safe.

  2. Tyler G Foster says:

    I only just saw two of your films the other day and loved them both (Brother From Another Planet and Lone Star). Sad to learn now that if I’d been a little faster I could’ve found out about your February Seattle event. Hopefully you come back soon.

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